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The IT world is filled with large chunks of data

We make sense of the data by storing and organizing it for you in a structured manner.

Data Warehouse Development Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Our experienced staff helps you develop a single database system or a data warehouse that provides a unique solution for all your data requirements. We evaluate the current state of your organization's data mart architecture and select the appropriate tools for implementation to ensure timely and accurate information. Hidden information in large amounts of data are located and organized to facilitate a seamless decision making processes.

Our Analytical Solutions

Data Modeling

We enable you to devise the most apt business structure through conceptual, logical and physical data modeling.

Data Integration

We combine and store data from several disparate sources using multiple technologies, thus providing a unified view of the data.

Data Governance

We help you develop a framework that will facilitate the delivery of useful, accurate and timely information

Data Migration

An enterprise data warehouse is developed for your company to centralize data through data mart consolidation or data migration.

Enterprise Data Management Services

We cover the five ‘V’s of data namely Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value to effectively manage all your data.

Data Environment

We maintain a data warehouse environment with the utilization of field tested data warehouse processes and specialized tools.

Storage, Organizing and Analysis of business data

You may access a lot of digital data. But how sure are you of its authenticity? We understand this spurt in information, unstructured formats and poor data quality can give you a lot of headaches in locating exact information. The solution is our data warehousing expertise that disseminates all raw data and gives you accurate data management tools. Let us handle your long process of data warehousing and extraction, while your business executes its benefits.

The choices we give you


Data Extraction

We will research, and extract data from any unstructured source relevant to your business and extract data before placing it in a central storage area.

Data Transformation

Data is transformed and related to information extracted from various sources. A staging area is built to handle data extracted from any source system.

Data Modeling

We shall use the dimensional data model, which separates data according to three categories namely; Dimension, Attribute and Hierarchy.

Data Loading

We shall load data into the storage database using steps such as combining several columns together or splitting one field into several columns.