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Beyond Big Data Analytics and Engineering

We give sense to large amounts of data.

Data Consulting Company in Jacksonville, Florida

SGS Technologie is a Jacksonville, Florida based Big Data management and Big Data implementation company. The Big Data consultation services we provide include Big Data Analytics, Big Data Implementation, Big Data Engineering, Data Science, and Machine Learning. You can concentrate on your core business activities while we make sense of these complex terms. Our team will help you define a Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies based on your requirements. Ask us details of options available and we will determine how your company's Big Data systems can be evolved.


Our Services

Big Data Consulting

We help you make sense from the immense amount of data and transform the same into useable knowledge that enables smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.

Big Data Implementation

Our Big Data implementation services help you to leverage the competence of the data you gather to your advantage.

Big Data Science

We combine cloud-based Big Data management platforms with managed services to provide scalable, purpose-built big data platforms.

Our solution


Managed Big Data Services

Completely managed Big Data is developed as a serviceplatform for simple, enterprise-class analytics in the cloud.


Data Analysis Platform

We have expertise in developing Big Data analytical tools that increase the scalability, availability, performance, and security of organizations


Data Warehousing

We utilize Hadoop as a Service to providea scalable solution for meeting the ever-increasing data storage and processing demands.


Data Mining

Data is analyzed from unsorted financial, marketing and other business information available on every corner of the web to derive useful insights.


Data Integration

Our clients are enabled to extract, transform and load data from disparate source systems to centralized data repositories.


Data Architecture

We help clients create high-performing and scalable architecture to achieve enterprise data management goals by creating a blueprint for integration of new data.

Why Choose SGS?

We help you create a customer-centric strategy in adopting Big Data

We have the required expertise and experience to guide clients throughout the process.

Our experts analyze data and deploy intelligent solutions to meet your unique requirements.

We provide industry-centric, scalable solutions utilizing advanced technologies.