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Our method of delivering applications over the internet as a service is unique

We leverage the cloud based application development platform to the fullest.

We deploy the right architecture to provide highly scalable solutions

Your business is growing and with advancements in technology, so is its IT department. There are a lot of databases, software tools and loads of digital data that needs to be maintained well over the years. This may be a herculean task especially if you do not employ a large number of IT professionals. The answer is simple! We as a SaaS application development company take full responsibilities for your software including installation, configuration and maintenance. At SGS we help you minimize administrative overheads by offering easy to use solutions which are scalable, secure and reliable.

What’s in it for you?

Retail Solutions

We give your different stores SaaS-based solutions that offer easy management and integration of services to maximize the usage of resources.

Staffing Solutions

Manage your staffing resources utilizing integrations between different modules, custom algorithms and multiple APIs for third party programs.

E-commerce Solutions

We provide e-commerce SaaS solutions including product catalogs, shopping carts and excellent management platforms.