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Enabling your business to make intelligent and fact-based decisions

Business Intelligence Solutions Providers in Jacksonville, Florida

SGS’ Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing service enable organizations to effectively aggregate, integrate, and validate data as well as uncover relevant insights in real time. We help our clients transform data into intelligent insights by using data mining, text mining and forecasting. The business intelligence systems that we develop enable organizations to implement the right business intelligence tools, provide information that is accessible to end users and transform data visualization techniques.

Our Services


Extract Transform Load

We use this tool to periodically integratedata from structured data sources such as databases or CSV/Excel files. We then transform and reorganize the data into a BI data model. This model is made up of dimension and fact tables, suited to allow for efficient reporting.

Data Warehouse Architecture and Implementation

We develop arelational database management system (RDBMS) that stores the data transformed by the ETL/ELT tool into the BI data model.  This data is leveraged by using the advanced tools to create dynamic visualizations that are organized into reports and dashboards for business users.

Data Delivery

We help organizations derive high volume insights through enterprise reporting, alerts and mobile business intelligence. Our data delivery solutions include OLAP, dashboards, geographical information systems, and event driven business intelligence.

Reporting Software

We develop web based software applications that enable you to share interactive reports and dashboards that are print ready with as many people as you want. Our software can prepare reports of any data including Big Data Sources such as Hadoop and MongoDB.

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Metrics & Scorecards

Collaborative BI

Mobile BI

Budgeting, Planning

BI Platform Rationalization