Necessity for App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is a strategy similar to Search Engine Optimization. It is more relevant to mobile applications of various devices. App Store Optimization refers to the process of increasing the visibility of an application on app stores such as Google Apps, Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, and Samsung Galaxy Apps. Millions of mobile applications are estimated to be available on these apps stores. It needs to be observed that most apps are directly searched and downloaded from these app stores, even if these same apps are listed on company websites.

With this optimization process, apps posted on such platforms can easily grab the attention of mobile users. The result will be an increased number of app downloads.  The first initiative that needs to be taken by companies, agencies and government departments if they haven’t already is to develop an app store page on the mentioned platforms. Next is an app store’s optimization which is  like optimizing a website to search engines.

How to Optimize App Stores?

Each app store may have unique features along with unique requirements. Yet the following are the core optimization aspects that every app store needs to focus on:

App Information: The App’s Name, URL and sub-title should be clearly defined. This information should reflect the core keywords describing of an app considering its core purpose and target audience. This information should also highlight an app’s differentiating factor (s).

App keywords: These convey to the app store what the app is about and in which type of app search the app should be listed. It is a form of categorizing an app so that users can easily locate them on the store. App keywords are similar to page titles that enable a website visitor to navigate through a website. The services of an app store optimization company will be required to conduct research on the relevant keywords and use them for an app’s posting.

App ratings and reviews: This is an important aspect of a mobile application’s success. Users trust factors such as ranking factors, reviews and recommendations by digital influencers.  The tone of the review, rating score and volume are equally important. A framework needs to be in place for generating regular reviews as well as for replying to and engaging with reviews.

Advantages of App Store Optimization

Higher ranking in app stores: Companies and organizations opting for app store optimization can improve their ranking in app store for relevant keywords and categories. Mobile internet users trust these rankings and choose one of the top-ranked apps to fulfil their requirements.

Beats Competition: Millions of apps available on app stores. The chances of getting noticed are perhaps one in a million.  Traditional methods such spread of word and digital marketing can be performed, but it may not do much as users take quick decisions while downloading an app.  App store optimization is necessary to remain visible in app stores.

Builds Credibility: App store optimization helps increase credibility. This can be described simple words and is very similar to search engine optimization. An internet user will trust the first results in search engine rankings each time a search is made for a particular product or service. Similarly, mobile users will trust the first results that are displayed when they search app stories for particular solutions. App Store Optimization (ASO) makes the app more credible in eyes of these users.

Attracts Relevant Users: Optimizing your app stores ensures that it is noticed by people who are looking for it. That is, you are providing a solution to those who have a particular requirement.  The same keywords for which these target users search and appropriate descriptions are used in app store optimization.

Cost Effectiveness: App store optimization is a cost -effective method for achieving higher ranking as well as more traffic.  Not much needs to be spent on digital marketing or traditional forms of advertisements.  Activities of App Store Optimization does all that is necessary.

Increased Number of Downloads: This will be the direct impact of improved rankings of your app and higher traffic to your portion of the app store. This is the prime objective of every business or establishment in developing apps and posting them on the digital platforms. App Store Optimization helps achieve this objective.

SGS Technologie has immense expertise in app store optimization. We implement unique optimization strategies that are relevant to the purpose and target audience of each mobile application. Contact us now for a quick discussion on how we can help your mobile applications receive more downloads and/or sales.