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Beyond Big Data and Engineering

We give sense to large amounts of data.

Big Data Analytics Company in Jacksonville, Florida

SGS applies advanced analytical technologies such as Hadoop as well as other strategies to convert volumes of data into insights. We deliver professional data analytical solutions that will enable clients to undertake critical decisions. The foremost advantages of our data analytical solutions will be an increase in revenue, reduction in costs and improvement in mission-critical processes.

Our Analytical Solutions

Prescriptive Analytics

We analyze different inputs of data to determine the best possible solutions for a situation as it occurs. Recommendations are provided to achieve business objectives such as customer service, profits, and operational efficiency.

Diagnostic Analytics

SGS analyzes data to determine why a situation occurred at that time and in a particular manner. We use strategies such as data mining, drilling down and correlation to analyze an event or situation

Descriptive Analytics

Summary statistics, clustering and segmentation are techniques that SGS utilizes in to provide a descriptive analysis. Our objective is to give a more detailed outlook into why something happened the way it did.

Predictive Analytics

SGS provides a peek into the probable future of a client using statistics, modeling and data modeling. We use variable selection algorithms and cross-validation methods to make sense of large volumes of data.

SGS’ Advantages

Advanced Software

SGS utilizes the latest data collection and analysis software. Our team features experts in online surveys, data analytics and text analytics.

Providing Recommendations

SGS enables businesses to convert the insights obtained through the analysis of large amounts of data. We help businesses organize the data into clear and concise information.

Data Exploration

Delivering data exploration methods that yield detailed, specific and actionable information matching the specific requirements of each business or organization.